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15 calories

100% natural

no stimulants
no caffeine
no taurine


When should i use last call?

Last Call is perfect anytime you need an all-natural pick-me-up to feel better, faster. Some scenarios we can think of include:
- Pre-game/post-game
- A chaser replacer
- Before or after an intense workout
- When feeling jetlagged (or right before a flight)
- If you're feeling tired or sleep deprived
- Anytime you think you need to give your body a boost


Why is Last Call the best drink for my hangover recovery compared to other options?

Other Drinks:  Many drinks on the market use a basic stimulant-based blend with various B-vitamins in addition to caffeine and taurine. Combined with sugar, it leads to you crashing relatively early in the day, or needing to consume more stimulants. Other recovery products will only include DHM which address the detoxification of acetaldehyde from your system, however acetaldehyde has not been proven to be the primary cause of hangovers.

Last Call Recovery Elixir: There are trace amounts of caffeine that are naturally occurring in the ingredients used in the blend and not a separate additive. They boost metabolic processes that can help your body clear the wide array of toxins from alcohol more efficiently, and provide benefits that relieve the symptoms of a severe hangover.

The natural herbal ingredients in Last Call are specifically formulated to both aid in your body’s healing process and support your overall health while keeping energy levels stabilized.


Why is Last Call good for my overall well being?

The antioxidants used in our formula have a wide array of benefits and are safe and helpful for anyone in good health who wants an all-natural boost of energy or a recovery aid after intense physical activity.


How many can I drink in a day?

We recommend having one bottle of Last Call per day.


How many calories are in one bottle?

There are 15 calories in each bottle of Last Call.


Can I add the blend of nutrients to something other than water?

If you’d like to try blending Last Call with another beverage, don’t let us stop you. Let us know of any winning combinations!


Are Last Call products Vegan?

Yes! All Last Call products are suitable for Vegans as well as being Gluten Free and certified Kosher.


Where can I purchase Last Call?

We have many stores all over the US and Canada that carry Last Call Beverage. If you are looking for a specific location please email and we will be happy to assist you in finding a location closest to you.


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A blend of vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, calcium & potassium assist with improved benefits  such as by boosting your energy, improving your memory and helping support your overall recovery.

Rosemary Extract

Another all-natural digestif. In use since medieval times, this herbal remedy can help relieve gas and soothe an upset stomach.

Ginger Root

An all-natural digestif. This zingy root tastes good and improves symptoms of a hangover, like nausea and other unpleasant digestive disturbances. 

Coenzyme Q10

Aka Ubiquinone. This compound acts as an antioxidant, protecting your cells from free radical damage and oxidative stress.


This nutritious algae is loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Helps your body shuttle out toxins, and can help improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Dandelion Extract

Aka Taraxacum Officinale has a wide array of medicinal properties. This powerful antioxidant has been proven to remove excess fluid from the body and detoxify the liver. It also helps fight inflammation, control blood sugar, and promotes a healthy life.

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Alex Donohue

Thanks @lastcallbeverage I'm done for the night and gonna feel good as gold tomorrow. #hangovercurve #itslegit #gamechanger

Krista Flynn

Major play for recovering these bday celebrations! Thanks @lastcallbeverage for hooking me up this weekend!


This is literally saving my life right now!

Alex Donohue

Amazing fast shipping. esp during the holidays. I noticed a huge difference the morning after taking it, and was skeptical. Dont know how it works but it does!

Levi Van Wagenen
January 4, 2020

This drink really works! I have tried many products and they do not even compare.

ehliza thurgood
February 28, 2019

Made it through a long weekend at the cabin thanks to Last Call Beverage! It keeps me alive when normally I would have been a zombie after the first night of fun. I’m a believer